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CITAMONEY is a MoneyAgent(Point Of Sale system POS agent) channel that bring safe secured financial services closer to the financial end-user of unbanked and under-banked communities, towns and cities without or with less access to banks or ATMs. CITAMONEY is a business empowerment and job creation for Unemployed youths, Registered SMEs, Unregistered SMEs, Limited liability companies, Sole proprietorships, Cooperative societies, Hotels and Street Vendors.

CITAMONEY intend to sign up over 80,000 agents across all States in Nigeria the by creating jobs, impacting the communities, improving lives and eradicating poverty out of Nigeria.






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Our services

Loan Service

We are a money lending firm. We give facilities to Individuals, employes and member of staff of companies, HNIs, Civil servants and contractors.

Project Finance / Execution

If you have secured a contract from government or from a reputable firms but unable to fund the project. We are here to help finance or execute.

Financial Consultancy

We have a pool of professionals in the field of finance. We organize programs, training for money handling staffs to both individuals and corporate bodies alike.

Asset Management

By providing both our own and the best in third-party expertise across asset classes and markets. We give clients access to investment opportunities across the broadest range of sources.

Parallel Impact Investment

We believe that parallel impact investment and financial returns which you get when you invest with us are in a symbiotic relationship when it comes to investing in our rapidly developing markets.

CitaPAY, CitaMoney And CitaBanc

With our other services; you can earn money as an agent using CitaMoney, Integrate an easy payment gateway on your ecommerce websites with CitaPAY and get to make transactions across europe using CitaBanc.

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